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The LP Collection
All LPs are listenable thanks to
a donation by Dan Gordon
and installation by AJ.
The Ontario Trillium Foundation

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  Artist   Album_title   Label   Notes   Genre  
Tod DockstaderOrganized sound by Tod
Owl Records ORLP 7Ann Southam collectionElectronic
101 StringsGypsy CampfiresSomerset World
101 StringsRhapsody: An Evening of
Enchantment … Under
the Stars
Somerset Classical
101 StringsA Night Serenade in the
Quiet Hours
Somerset Easy Listening
101 StringsRhapsodySomerset Easy Listening
101 StringsSymphony for MotherSomersetDouble LPEasy Listening
101 Strings101 Strings Play the
World's Great Standards
Somerset Easy Listening
101 StringsConcerto Under the StarsSomerset Easy Listening
101 Strings101 Strings Play Million
Seller Hits
Somerset Easy Listening
101 StringsStrings After DarkSomerset Easy Listening

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